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Should You Keep a Watchdog ?

Dogs are the most loyal pets humans could ever have. The relation between the dogs and the humans is some 20,000 years old. Dogs are fine animals that become members of our family, render unconditional love and devotion. Dogs, often, act as security vigilantes. They ensure a well secured residence by deterring any intrusion into the house. To understand the basic reason behind such a characteristic feature in this animal, we should look at […]

15 Must Do Things to Protect Your Home Before You Leave for Vacation

Vacation is the chance for a family to relax and enjoy so as to refresh the mind which gets creepy with the everyday household boredoms. It is the most sought after period of the year by the children. Every family member eagerly looks forward for enjoying a good and congenial vacation period. However, to relax, it becomes very important to make sure that one’s home is safely protected in his absence. According to FBI […]

How to Choose a Good Home Security Agency?

Providing security at one’s residence is a crucial factor for ensuring the safety of family members. A well-equipped security system is the most important need of present times when the crime related to intrusion and burglaries have increased at a much higher rate. Gone are the days when keeping a security guard was enough for safeguarding the family. Today, the security measures have become a bit complicated with an involvement of both technology and manpower. […]